Thursday, May 19, 2005

Organizing a chamber winds ensamble!!!

I am organizing a chamber wind ensamble I need a french horn player, I will ask Alex even though I know at least part of the summer he will be on tour with blue lake... The ensamble will have 7-10 people and probably be at my house. It will start after school is over. I am going soon with Tena the assistant manager by her request to go look at the music store for possibilities. It should be so much fun that's all bye.

Monday, May 09, 2005


I just got back from the last YSO rehersal, and for once I got praised and not scolded or ingnored(YAYY!). The dress rehersal is on Friday(YAYY!), concert Saturday (BOOO!) I am supposed to be at a party at 2:00 the concert is at 3:00 till five, it is very sad... I got really pissed about it cause it is one of my best friends party(Chealsy Boufford). Then the YSO party on Saturday(BOOO!!!) I will miss all my friends I made there... I will keep in contact with at least Maggie the trombone player(YAYY!). So yeah it is a busy weekend good bye!!!