Sunday, January 30, 2005


I am dumb, I couldn't get in for the past week or so beacause I forgot the password. Any ways I did end up going to someones house Jessica's... Happy Tree friends are so FUN aren't they???? Giggles rules... Any ways I have had bad days and good days and this weekend I had to read the book Roberson Curusoe, did I spell that right? Hmm.... I will never know. Actully I did not have to I just like to get my ROAR goal done early I HATE HATE HATE reading. Did I tell myself(since I seem to be the only person reading, besides the silent stalkers, don't lie I know who you are I have a tracking device on this page, and I am 100% serious.Mwahahaha) that the dumb ass science teacher called my parents!!!! It is war, all I said to Mrs.KeyHOE(which is her real name) is she asked do you want to read with me at lunch (beacause I was talking)? And I replied, "If thats what you want, SURE" She didn't like that, I have a deep feeling she might end up regretting all this she does to me.... Bye I g2g eat at my grandmothers house. *yawns* bye bye.


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