Monday, January 17, 2005

Worrying and reasearching...

Hello again, I am no longer crying. The reason I was crying, though I hid it was just of being overwhelmed and worried about two things. The first is just knowing that when my parents pass away I will have to watch over my sister. As some of you may know my sister is deaf and mentally and physically disabled. She is 10 right now but mentally at the age of 5. It saddens me to think that she will almost for sure not mentally go past the age of 10, so she will not ever I am afraid be able to live by herself. After knowing all this I want you all to know that on the bright side she is a well natured and kind person(also VERY annoying), and that we are glad to have her alive since they were almost postive when she was born that she wouldn't live. They said that beacause she had a hole in her heart and needed open heart surgury which has great risks involved. The second reason is beacause my grand mother has a mental illness, and I am scared to death that I will develope symtoms as I grow older, even though it only is a 10% chance that is a great deal, I shouldn't be worried but I am beacause who wouldn't be? I mean a deasise that I am not going to name, that destroys your thought process and brain is truly frightening... anyway nothing I can't deal with on top of everything else. That's about all for today. Just a note to everyone my day went quiet peachy besides that.


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