Sunday, January 09, 2005

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Hello, it's the dumb Pole again(another name for a Polish person)(Francesca). people who read this(if there are any). I am writing this just to let out feelings. I got this web site from my friend Brandi, and I thank her for that. If you read this please, please post a comment or e-mail me @
I will start with today... Today the only issue in my mind that really bugs me is we went to Hillers in Ann Arbor and there were these people(jewish not that I have any thing against them) and they were boycotting the store saying that Hillers supports Israeli violence, and so forth. 1st If people have a problem with musilums then discuss it somewhere else, since it may offend people like me that aren't racists. 2nd the only thing that they do is sell some food from Israel ... if the store shuts down beacause of that that saddens me. I mean that's as low as people can get. :'(
That's all.. I have to practice for the Ann Arbor Youth Symhpony Orchestra even though I don't have the music, it terrifies me to go there tomorrow, for no real reason besides the other people play Like 2x better than me.


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