Monday, January 10, 2005

an OK day...

Today was fine I quess.... we studied in every class for exams, except band where we took the playing exam SOO EASY!!!! Band comes easy for me....
Any ways it was weird on the bus when Jeff Barton or in Alex's words "annoying trumpet player" that I have known since kindigarten, he actully for the first time stood up for me. I feel bad beacause after someone "accused" him of flirting with me and he really wasn't, then I had to stand up for him. :-P.
Anyways we got are new scedule and I already don't like it, OH WELL. I have to go to the Ann Arbor Youth symphony orchestra.. WAAHHHHHH!!!! *sniffles* don't want to go not that I don't like it it's just I am kinda ok REALLY nervous... I always get that way when I do anything where most of the other people are better than me, cause in school I am used to being like the best, not to brag or anything. Ok Buh-bye


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