Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Not to shabby

Good day overall sides all the school work. I had home work in every class even gym and teachers assistant. Had book work. For gym I need a lock and stuff signed and a rules test. In TA I have to do the menu thing, it's done. Then after school Liz, Tena, and myself stayed after for 2 hours for solo and ensamble. It is always a riot when you get three nuts in a room that is no kidding asides exactly 81 Degrees high, all of us in sweaters it gets a little Crazy. We sound great and have fun in the mean time. I sit in the window yes in the tall window and we laugh 50% of the time. We had some time with Mrs. Kratz too. I topped my own record by getting her to say I need to go to the looney bin in ice land, my responce was, "NO I DEMAND TO BE SENT TO THE ONE IN POLAND, I HEARD THERE MENTAL CLINK IS NICE." Yeah I was a little hyper.... At the end she let us play the percussion we organized a beat, then she wanted to go and kicked are butts out. Then I came home did HW, then sat down in front of the tube. G2g Buh bye.


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