Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A better day

Today was a pretty cool day, I am in a good mood. I completed a few poems, went to Carty's to get reeds for my oboe, mastered my new schedule, talked to Chealsey and Jessica and too Liz. The only not good thing about the day is that in Mrs. Karaba's class, I am her TA and I started a project that the Evil ones(6th graders, no offense to my one 6th grade friend) are also doing it as well. I have to make a restraunt menu in full color with altogether 30 things on it.... that sucks but it is sorta fun since I have to attempt to cook for the teacher(only the TA's have to do that. My schedule is OK I don't like the ppl in 5th or 8th hour but the rest is just peachy. I have gym Ugh, Tena's in that class it should be a riot. That is about all. Ta ta for now.


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