Sunday, January 30, 2005


I am dumb, I couldn't get in for the past week or so beacause I forgot the password. Any ways I did end up going to someones house Jessica's... Happy Tree friends are so FUN aren't they???? Giggles rules... Any ways I have had bad days and good days and this weekend I had to read the book Roberson Curusoe, did I spell that right? Hmm.... I will never know. Actully I did not have to I just like to get my ROAR goal done early I HATE HATE HATE reading. Did I tell myself(since I seem to be the only person reading, besides the silent stalkers, don't lie I know who you are I have a tracking device on this page, and I am 100% serious.Mwahahaha) that the dumb ass science teacher called my parents!!!! It is war, all I said to Mrs.KeyHOE(which is her real name) is she asked do you want to read with me at lunch (beacause I was talking)? And I replied, "If thats what you want, SURE" She didn't like that, I have a deep feeling she might end up regretting all this she does to me.... Bye I g2g eat at my grandmothers house. *yawns* bye bye.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

People deprived

I haven't been with any of my "friends" after school for like 2 weeks HOW SAD IS THAT!!! I might go over to Jessica's house today but probably not she cancels 50% of the time. that is like all I g2g.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Funeral coming soon.

Today was cool besides I have to go to a funeral on Sunday. I hate funerals I get nervous and am trying to act sorry for this person I only met once in my life. It is my aunt Marggie's mother, at least it is cremated ... I get like REALLY nervous around bodies, goes back to child hood when I was 6 I was really close with my grampa K. and he died and he was not cremated and I flipped. Well that is all sides I started writing a short story.Sianara

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Not to shabby

Good day overall sides all the school work. I had home work in every class even gym and teachers assistant. Had book work. For gym I need a lock and stuff signed and a rules test. In TA I have to do the menu thing, it's done. Then after school Liz, Tena, and myself stayed after for 2 hours for solo and ensamble. It is always a riot when you get three nuts in a room that is no kidding asides exactly 81 Degrees high, all of us in sweaters it gets a little Crazy. We sound great and have fun in the mean time. I sit in the window yes in the tall window and we laugh 50% of the time. We had some time with Mrs. Kratz too. I topped my own record by getting her to say I need to go to the looney bin in ice land, my responce was, "NO I DEMAND TO BE SENT TO THE ONE IN POLAND, I HEARD THERE MENTAL CLINK IS NICE." Yeah I was a little hyper.... At the end she let us play the percussion we organized a beat, then she wanted to go and kicked are butts out. Then I came home did HW, then sat down in front of the tube. G2g Buh bye.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A better day

Today was a pretty cool day, I am in a good mood. I completed a few poems, went to Carty's to get reeds for my oboe, mastered my new schedule, talked to Chealsey and Jessica and too Liz. The only not good thing about the day is that in Mrs. Karaba's class, I am her TA and I started a project that the Evil ones(6th graders, no offense to my one 6th grade friend) are also doing it as well. I have to make a restraunt menu in full color with altogether 30 things on it.... that sucks but it is sorta fun since I have to attempt to cook for the teacher(only the TA's have to do that. My schedule is OK I don't like the ppl in 5th or 8th hour but the rest is just peachy. I have gym Ugh, Tena's in that class it should be a riot. That is about all. Ta ta for now.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Worrying and reasearching...

Hello again, I am no longer crying. The reason I was crying, though I hid it was just of being overwhelmed and worried about two things. The first is just knowing that when my parents pass away I will have to watch over my sister. As some of you may know my sister is deaf and mentally and physically disabled. She is 10 right now but mentally at the age of 5. It saddens me to think that she will almost for sure not mentally go past the age of 10, so she will not ever I am afraid be able to live by herself. After knowing all this I want you all to know that on the bright side she is a well natured and kind person(also VERY annoying), and that we are glad to have her alive since they were almost postive when she was born that she wouldn't live. They said that beacause she had a hole in her heart and needed open heart surgury which has great risks involved. The second reason is beacause my grand mother has a mental illness, and I am scared to death that I will develope symtoms as I grow older, even though it only is a 10% chance that is a great deal, I shouldn't be worried but I am beacause who wouldn't be? I mean a deasise that I am not going to name, that destroys your thought process and brain is truly frightening... anyway nothing I can't deal with on top of everything else. That's about all for today. Just a note to everyone my day went quiet peachy besides that.

Just a poem

Moon Face, I lost the original copy of the poem that I entered(that's sad), it's not one of my favorites anyways... Here is my favorite poem I wrote, it's a LOT shorter but is for no apperant reason my favorite...
gloomy sky,
glistening blue eyes,
peiricing the melancholy horizon,
increasing the wanting for you,
to be right here,
loving me like,
I do,

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I must be.

A sad worthless, miserable human being... All the guys that I really don't like, like me, and all the boys I like like me as a "friend" that deserves double quotes ""friends"". Any ways no offense to the boys that like me or the other way around, why can't we all just agree? Argh, things went a lot better last year. I get very caught up with worthless and pain full middle school drama, I try not to but 70% of times fail, what am I to do, but write about my emotional pain and suffering... By the way on the bright side I forgot to tell ya'all but one of my sad life woes(called poems) moved to the finals in a poetry contest. Actully it was one of my not so sad and dark poems, one of the not happy, not sad poems, it will be published soo if any of my "friends" (you know I always put friends in quotes)or the ""friends""(the people mentioned above) want to read some poetry ask me, I will share.
That's about all, going to exercise*sighs*, I am trying to lose 3 pounds, only three pounds, people say I am not fat, and I never said I was, I said I am chubby which is TRUE. So I am letting you go with the burden on your shoulders that god hates me...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I was sick today, and still am, my throught is killing me. Beacause today was finals I had to go to school, it wasn't fun... the "fun"starts tomorrow when I have to take the social studies Exam, I have a feeling I might like totally blow it... hope not but I dunno. Pray for me people's.
Orchestra practice went a whole lot better than the last. I sight read better, and I was less nervious(once I got there, I was more nervious before).
Hmm... any other thoughts, none besides that I had a dream about the internet, not going into deatails cause lots of love poems and stuff. My point to pointing this out is that is a sign I spend WAY too much time on the internet. *coughs* I go beddy bye now. Nighty nighty sleepy tighty.

Monday, January 10, 2005

an OK day...

Today was fine I quess.... we studied in every class for exams, except band where we took the playing exam SOO EASY!!!! Band comes easy for me....
Any ways it was weird on the bus when Jeff Barton or in Alex's words "annoying trumpet player" that I have known since kindigarten, he actully for the first time stood up for me. I feel bad beacause after someone "accused" him of flirting with me and he really wasn't, then I had to stand up for him. :-P.
Anyways we got are new scedule and I already don't like it, OH WELL. I have to go to the Ann Arbor Youth symphony orchestra.. WAAHHHHHH!!!! *sniffles* don't want to go not that I don't like it it's just I am kinda ok REALLY nervous... I always get that way when I do anything where most of the other people are better than me, cause in school I am used to being like the best, not to brag or anything. Ok Buh-bye

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Welcome visitors

Hello, it's the dumb Pole again(another name for a Polish person)(Francesca). people who read this(if there are any). I am writing this just to let out feelings. I got this web site from my friend Brandi, and I thank her for that. If you read this please, please post a comment or e-mail me @
I will start with today... Today the only issue in my mind that really bugs me is we went to Hillers in Ann Arbor and there were these people(jewish not that I have any thing against them) and they were boycotting the store saying that Hillers supports Israeli violence, and so forth. 1st If people have a problem with musilums then discuss it somewhere else, since it may offend people like me that aren't racists. 2nd the only thing that they do is sell some food from Israel ... if the store shuts down beacause of that that saddens me. I mean that's as low as people can get. :'(
That's all.. I have to practice for the Ann Arbor Youth Symhpony Orchestra even though I don't have the music, it terrifies me to go there tomorrow, for no real reason besides the other people play Like 2x better than me.