Thursday, May 19, 2005

Organizing a chamber winds ensamble!!!

I am organizing a chamber wind ensamble I need a french horn player, I will ask Alex even though I know at least part of the summer he will be on tour with blue lake... The ensamble will have 7-10 people and probably be at my house. It will start after school is over. I am going soon with Tena the assistant manager by her request to go look at the music store for possibilities. It should be so much fun that's all bye.

Monday, May 09, 2005


I just got back from the last YSO rehersal, and for once I got praised and not scolded or ingnored(YAYY!). The dress rehersal is on Friday(YAYY!), concert Saturday (BOOO!) I am supposed to be at a party at 2:00 the concert is at 3:00 till five, it is very sad... I got really pissed about it cause it is one of my best friends party(Chealsy Boufford). Then the YSO party on Saturday(BOOO!!!) I will miss all my friends I made there... I will keep in contact with at least Maggie the trombone player(YAYY!). So yeah it is a busy weekend good bye!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Hello, did anyone know giving up is really hard? I try to give up on everything especially love and yet it undoubtably fails. I come back to a thing out of my control even simple things like doing bead work which I don't like that much. I wish I could give up but since I can't I will give up trying to give up which may also be out of my control, at least subconciounce control. Oh well did I mention that I hate love beacause it hates me? I did now, poetry might come in handy I haven't written a poem in over a month beacause of lack of things to write about... They are mostly sad, I wish I could write GOOD happy poetry, but poems never come to me that are happy which probablly makes people think I am a very unhappy person which only true a half of the time. Farewell my friends.

Friday, April 22, 2005

I am back from the dead

Wow I haven't blogged for oogles of months, I am greatly troubled so decided to blog again. Old feelings coming back in o so many places. 2 old crushes new again, I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS IT ALWAYS SEEMS TO!!!! Well the most confusing of the two is this boy I haven't seen in3 years that I asked out 3 years ago came back from nowhere land and has been sorta flirting with me, see my mom babysits his brother and he came in 1 time when he was forced to and now he keep coming in and smiling at me and trying to talk to me. How low can he get, I mean he hasn't seen me in 3 years, and the last time I saw him he rejected me. The confusing part is I seem to still like him. My pride is to high and I will try to brain wash him from my mind.
The second is almost as confusing but I choose not to speak of it inline incase he visits the site.

Why is life so confusing!!!

Anyways I am going to Chicago tommorrow, and am going to stop writing now. bye!

Sunday, January 30, 2005


I am dumb, I couldn't get in for the past week or so beacause I forgot the password. Any ways I did end up going to someones house Jessica's... Happy Tree friends are so FUN aren't they???? Giggles rules... Any ways I have had bad days and good days and this weekend I had to read the book Roberson Curusoe, did I spell that right? Hmm.... I will never know. Actully I did not have to I just like to get my ROAR goal done early I HATE HATE HATE reading. Did I tell myself(since I seem to be the only person reading, besides the silent stalkers, don't lie I know who you are I have a tracking device on this page, and I am 100% serious.Mwahahaha) that the dumb ass science teacher called my parents!!!! It is war, all I said to Mrs.KeyHOE(which is her real name) is she asked do you want to read with me at lunch (beacause I was talking)? And I replied, "If thats what you want, SURE" She didn't like that, I have a deep feeling she might end up regretting all this she does to me.... Bye I g2g eat at my grandmothers house. *yawns* bye bye.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

People deprived

I haven't been with any of my "friends" after school for like 2 weeks HOW SAD IS THAT!!! I might go over to Jessica's house today but probably not she cancels 50% of the time. that is like all I g2g.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Funeral coming soon.

Today was cool besides I have to go to a funeral on Sunday. I hate funerals I get nervous and am trying to act sorry for this person I only met once in my life. It is my aunt Marggie's mother, at least it is cremated ... I get like REALLY nervous around bodies, goes back to child hood when I was 6 I was really close with my grampa K. and he died and he was not cremated and I flipped. Well that is all sides I started writing a short story.Sianara